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I would like to introduce Erika Davis, someone very dear to me. We are in similar circumstances, in that both of our spouses, of more than 50 years, have passed away. Neither of us were looking to get involved with someone, it just happened. I would like to tell you how I became interested in Erika. It all started in the locker room of our bowling center. Her locker is just below mine. As I was getting my bowling ball, she came in to get hers, of course I moved to let her get her things. The following week, the same thing happened, I said to her, "we have to stop meeting like this, people will talk," she smiled and left. My thoughts were, she had a nice smile and seemed like a very nice person. From then on, I tried to time my arrival to coincide with hers, when that did not work, I would always stop by the table where her team sat prior to bowling, and make small talk with her partners, so that I could to say hello to Erika. I am sure that she was oblivious of me, and I never told anyone that I would like to get to know her better. Some time went by, and on my return from a bowling trip to Fresno, I find that my team was bowling against hers, to say that I was delighted is an understatement. I explained to her what our trip was about, and the number of people from Travis that participated, she said that she had never done anything like that, and would like to try. It just so happened that a mutual friend was bowling next to us, and he was the one that put the teams together. I talked with him, he said that he would put her name in for next year. He also said that he had known Erika for many years and told me about her. I happened to  mention that she seemed like a very nice person, and I think that he knew that I was interested. A week or two later, this friend asked if I was interested in going to Yuba City to bowl, my reply was, who wants to go to Yuba City. He realized that I did not want to go, but a couple of days later he calls me to say that Erika is going and she needs a partner, this time my reply was, Yes, I would like to go. I then asked Erika if she would like to accept me as her partner in Yuba City, she said yes, and mentioned that she did not know how to get there and she was going to ride with our friend. I offered to drive her and she said OK. You cannot imagine how happy I was. The following week I found out there was going to be another doubles tournament at Travis, two weeks after our trip to Yuba City. She agreed to bowl with me. Again estatic. Prior to the Yuba City trip I decided to ask her out to dinner, again, she said yes. How could this be happening to me. Prior to our Yuba City trip we decided to practice, at this time the bowling center manager watched her bowl and mentioned that it seemed her 14lb ball was too heavy for her. She opted for a 12lb ball, while the ball was being drilled we went to lunch. We talked about ourselves, and one of the things we discussed was the final days of our spouses, it got to be a bit much for both of us, and tears welled in our eyes. After lunch we went back to the bowling center to get her ball. On the day of our trip, while I was eating breakfast, I was doing the Daily Cryptoquote from the newspaper. These are normally quotes from famous people, after completing and reading the answer, I was quite surprised. The quote was, "Don't brood. Get on with living and loving. You don't have forever." I decided this was meant for me, and I felt like I was doing the right thing. Our trip to Yuba City was great, we talked and drove past the bowling center to the next town. When we finally got to bowl, Erika did great, I was the one that kept us from winning some money.  Well, as time went on we got to be a little closer, and I do not see myself in the future without Erika.